Remedy Intelligent Staffing   3525 N Causeway Blvd 336 Metairie,LA70002   (504) 835-6465
Remedy Intelligent Staffing
3525 N Causeway Blvd 336
MetairieLA 70002
 (504) 835-6465
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You want..Flexibility..Solutions...Response. We get it!

Remedy Intelligent Staffing is a highly qualified and professional staffing agency in Metairie, LA.

Whether you're an employee seeking temporary employment or you're a business owner in search of an excellent recruiting agency for your employment needs, Remedy Intelligent Staffing is here to help. Our staffing agency in Metairie, LA brings talented individuals and business owners together to create excellent job opportunities and staffing service!

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Our job recruiters are experts in their industry and truly understand the importance of finding trustworthy, reliable employees. Whether you need a staffing agency to fill vacant employment spots in clerical, warehouse, forklift, administrative, or industrial industries, we have the skills and ability to get the position filled. Let our temp agency and recruiters help with all of your staffing needs from employer to associate!

Visit us online or call (504) 835-6465 to find temporary jobs or to learn about our industry-specific recruiting today!

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